DIY Easy and Sustainable Body Scrub

Sustainable body scrub

With stressful schedules, too much time indoors, and artificial heat sources, our skin takes a real beating during the winter months. Dry, itchy and irritated skin that needs to be nourished? Sounds like you need an easy and sustainable body scrub you can make in a jiffy.

Like all things in our home, we first look for the most natural and sustainable method. Why not sustainable beauty products? We don’t deserve to treat our largest organ with artificial chemicals and fragrances. Science has taught us that our skin is transdermal and these products can seep into our bloodstream. GROSS! 

Confession: I am a beauty product junkie. I used to love to try out new skin products, or the latest ointment or cream. A few years ago, we decided to start making our home a more nature-based haven for our family. It began with our soaps, cleansers, and home cleaning products. We also began our first garden to assure we were using the safest ingredients.

Get rid of those harsh chemical ingredients!

One day, in the midst of this transition, I happened to pick up the commercial body scrub that I had been using for years. I was immediately struck by all the junk ingredients:

glyceryl stearate SE


sodium lauryl sulfoacetate

corn kernel meal

cocamidopropyl betaine


apricot fruit extract

cetyl acetate


titanium dioxide

Umm, no thank you! What are those words? What do they mean? 

Sustainable, natural, and organic ingredients

Months of research and various herbal medicine courses later, I am happy to share a homemade, all natural body scrub that will leave your skin smoother than ever! 

Okay, here it is. Ready? Coffee Grounds. Sugar. Olive Oil. That’s it, folks! 

I’ll wait while you reread the above ingredients from that other commercial scrub to compare. Crazy, right?

Coffee grounds for your skin

One product we love is Kicking Horse, which we can get at our local store. For those who can’t, it’s a pretty reasonable price for certified organic and fair trade!

Why coffee grounds? Coffee essentially does for our skin what it does for us as a pick me up drink. And, the invigorating scent is a known mood booster. It has been shown to tighten skin, clear blemishes and nourish. Here’s the sustainability part: use your morning coffee grounds. Do not waste them. I will add the exact recipe below, but essentially, you just need to mix these grounds with sugar (organic is best) and good quality EVOO. Mix up in a glass bowl and then add to a glass jar (maybe reuse a jam jar). These are simple ingredients that you probably have in your pantry already, or are easily sourced. So get on board the nature train, make some coffee, keep your grounds, and get scrubbing. Enjoy! 

Recipe for your own healthy scrub

¼ c coffee grounds (organic, ethically sourced)

½ c sugar (can be white or brown)

¼ c good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or Avocado Oil

*Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, and then place the mixture into jars. Voila! You now have your own sustainable body scrub.


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