Installation Services with a Smile!

Whether it be interior or exterior products, House+Earth is prepared to quote the installation or recommend a reputable installer.

Installation Services IMAGESFor most materials we source House+Earth has experienced, reliable installers on hand ready to help finish out your project.

Cabinetry: House+Earth quotes cabinet installation as a separate line item from our custom and semi-custom cabinet lines. We’re happy to have our highly experienced team of installers take your project to completion or, if you’re an experienced DIY’er, just provide the material.

Countertops: Most of our countertop options are conveniently priced by the square foot, allowing for minimal waste and efficient, highly competitive quotes.

Flooring: House+Earth provides detailed and thorough flooring demolition, preparation and installation across a wide swath of mediums.

Tile: House+Earth has a list of referred tile contractors for projects of all scale.

Exteriors: All exterior products can be priced with or without installation. Just let us know what works best for you!

Please contact a House+Earth associate if you have any questions.