Fireclay Crush

For a unique and beautiful alternative to your traditional countertop material options, consider Teragren’s bamboo worktops! Whether you’re needing a counter, desk or table top – these bamboo slabs add a distinct design element to any space. Teragren manufactures their bamboo worktops under industry-leading standards for environmentally safe products. In addition to being a renewable resource, bamboo is an excellent material choice for the active kitchen – a food safe surface and ideal for food prep.

In addition to this material being an environmentally safe option, the benefits of bamboo include: durability, workability, moderate price points, and unique aesthetics. The varying patterns are created by different techniques in piecing the material together. These bamboo slabs are offered in both a natural and caramelized coloring and two slab sizes, requiring an onsite finish once installed. This allows users to piece multiple slabs together and seal seams to ensure a cohesive look. House+Earth has samples available in our showroom floor for you to view!
  • Slab sizes include: 36” x 72” x 1.5” and 30” x 96” x 1.5”
  • Material sold separately from fabrication and installation.
  • Lead time depends of availability of slabs.
  • Shipping fee required per slab.