Cork Flooring – Glue Down Tiles

Cork is consisted a sustainable product because it is harvested from the Cork Oak tree, which reproduces its bark. The material taken in order to produce cork products does no harm to the tree, and it is left to continue living for over 200 years. Cork has a number of benefits including its natural buoyancy – creating a softer floor under foot, its elasticity – allowing any indentions from heavy furniture on flooring to bounce back to their original state, and its natural fire retardant properties – making it a safe choice for residential flooring. For a warm and cozy flooring in your home, consider cork!

Glue down cork tiles come 12” x 12” in size and are adhered directly to your subfloor. Although they will be pre-sealed with an eco-friendly top coat, the cork tiles will need to be sealed once applied in order to protect the seams. Glue down cork tiles are okay to use in wet areas and high traffic areas!

The advantages to a floating cork floor include an easy install and repair, a natural acoustical sound solution, and warmer feel underfoot and aesthetically. House+Earth proudly sources products from the manufacturers shown below. We have sample available in our showroom in order for you to view and even borrow!

(Technical Specifications in PDF from Manufacturer)

US Floors – Parquet Glue Down

APC – Adhered Tile

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US Floors – Natural Cork

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APC – All Series Shown