Unique Carpets

Located in Southern California, Unique Carpets is remain one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market. Their 100% natural wool carpets are Green Guard Certified as well as meet strict criteria for indoor air quality, so you can rest well at night knowing your family is breathing safe, clean indoor air. Wool carpets are a rapidly renewable material and feature properties making them naturally resistant to stain and fire. Being one of the nation’s largest importers of tufted and woven wool carpets and rugs, Unique Carpets offers custom flexibility – from sizes made-to-order, to custom colors, or carpets and rugs made to your exact specifications. There provide a product for every project!

Unique Carpets manufactures 100% wool carpets in a variety of styles and patterns. From a decorative accented texture to a durable high performance product, Unique Carpets has engineered a material that will suit any space. They also offer the ability to cut a carpet of your choice into a rug with your specified binding or surging selections.

Wool is not only a rapidly renewable resource and a natural fiber, but its strengths in performance are why it is ideal carpeting for a healthy home. Wool is non-allergenic, a natural air purifier, does not promote growth of bacteria or dust mites, and is inherently fire retardant. It is also naturally stain resistant, making spills and spoils easy to clean. The only concern wool might raise is moths – however, Unique Carpets uses an ‘exceptionally effective’ and environmentally-friendly mothproofing agent to ensure the carpet is insect free.

  • Sold in varying widths: 12” and 13”
  • Solid per Yard – SF pricing also available
  • Carpet padding can be purchased with order
  • Installation available upon request