Beaulieu is one of the leading American manufacturers in flooring, particularly in carpet. Their innovative features include Magic Fresh odor controlling treatment and a antimicrobial technology called Silver Release. They primarily carry Nylon and Polyester products – with a variety of styles to chose from. Although Nylon and Polyester are synthetic materials, Beaulieu manufacturer’s their products from recycled materials. This helps to reduce the waste in our landfills and minimizes the use of petroleum and energy resources during the production processes. Beaulieu is CRI Green Label certified, meeting strict criteria to ensure you’re putting a healthy product in your home!

Beaulieu offers a unique odor controlling treatment called Magic Fresh – a completely natural and safe self-renewing feature that breaks down the odor compounds keeping your home smelling fresh and clean! Similarly, the Silver Release feature found in Beaulieu carpets is a treatment that safely and naturally hindering the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria, mold or mildew. Chose from several lines of carpet – all with varying colors and patterns.
  • Sold in varying widths: 12” and 13”
  • Solid per Yard – SF pricing also available
  • Carpet padding can be purchased with order
  • Installation available upon request