Wood Countertops

For a unique and beautiful alternative to your traditional countertop material options, consider EnGrain’s custom wooden countertops! With EnGrain, you are able to select your desired thickness, wood species, finish coat, and edge profile. The made to order products are fabricated and prepped at the manufacturer website and shipped ready to install. Samples are available to view in House+Earth’s showroom for initial selections, and prior to placing an order EnGrain will provide a cut sample of your desired selections. EnGrain stands by their products with a lifetime guarantee.

EnGrain allows customers the ability to achieve any desired look they are wanting from a wood top. Whether you are in need of a new kitchen island, a powder bath countertop, a desk or table top – EnGrain can do it! You’ll first start by selecting your wood species – EnGrain has over 20 options available. Next, you’ll need to select you construction style – plank, end grain, edge grain. These vary based on the way the wood is cut and assembled back together. You’ll then need to select an edge profile – with 16 to choose from, there’s everything from standard eased to an ornate detailed option. Lastly, you’ll need to select which finish option you’d prefer. EnGrain’s EnDure Permanent Oil is going to penetrate the product and can be spot-sanded and re-oiled to repair any unwanted wear and tear. The EnArmor High Performance Clear Coat provides a more protective top coat. Both of EnGrain’s finish coats are not only water proof, but also stain resistant!

EnGrain hasn’t forgotten about the environment – they have a special “Eco-Rating” system (displayed on their website) which inform users as to which species are the most sustainable. This eco-friendly rating is also influenced by the carbon footprint of the wood and where it originates. An advantage to using a wood countertop would include its durable and workability. Over time, character is added to wood from years of use. If you’re unsatisfied with product’s appearance down the road, a light sand a refinish will make your material look good as new! EnGrain offers their sealers separately for future repairs. Below is a PDF link to House+Earth’s quote form – if you feel this form out and provide dimensioned drawings, a House+Earth associate would be happy to quote your project!

  • House+Earth offers installation – onsite measure to be done for official quote.
  • If House+Earth is not installing material, a contractor must sign off on drawings and see through installation.
  • Approximate lead time of 3-4 weeks.
  • EnGrain manufacturer maintenance and top coat products available for sale upon request.

House+Earth EnGrain Quote Form (PDF – 82 KB)

EnGrain Dealer Guide Installation Guide (PDF – 86 KB)

EnGrain Dealer Guide Maintenance Guide (PDF – 149 KB)