Cambria Countertops

Composite quartz, unlike natural stones, are a non-porous manufactured product that were perfectly designed to withstand the use of the modern day user. Quartz countertops are by far the most durable material on the market – resilient to scratching, staining, cracking, and heat. This engineered stone is produced by the combination of approximately 93% quartz and 7% pigments, and polymer resins. Because quartz is the second most abundant natural mineral in the earth’s crust, and is manufactured using the by-products of quarried natural stone, this makes it a environmentally conscious material you can be sure is safe for the home you live in, and the home you live on.

Cambria is another quartz manufacturer, who has created unique surfaces which mimic the aesthetic you want from a natural stone, while maintaining its high performance levels you want from a quartz. They have a large variety of style options to choose from – something to suit all aesthetics. Cambria is one of the only family owned quartz manufacturers on the market – producing all their products in the USA. At House+Earth, we price quartz per square foot including the fabrication and installation. This helps our customer to avoid purchasing an entire slab with the possibility of not utilizing all of the material – meanwhile, we are able to source remnant material for smaller projects . Visit our showroom to view and check out samples!
  • Quartz sold per SF, including fabrication and installation.
  • SF minimum requirements – please ask associate for details.
  • Standard edge profile included in SF cost – upgrades available.
  • Sink cuts, laminated edge, and upgraded profile edges are all added costs.
  • Lead times vary depending on material availability.