Concrete Countertop

Concrete is the most used man-made material on Earth. The Egyptians used it in the pyramids and the Romans used it in the Coliseum. A fickle and infinitely modifiable material, concrete countertops and sinks have never been mass produced, leaving these elegant fixtures entirely in the skilled hands of the concrete artisan. House+Earth artisans are decorated nation wide for their achievements in concrete countertops and sinks.

Concrete is essentially a mixture of cement, crushed aggregate, sand, and water. Since concrete is abundant and so readily available, concrete countertops can be produced closer to their final destination which greatly reduces the amount of imbedded energy relative to other countertop options. Concrete tops are also poured to dimension (as opposed to being cut from slabs of stone) which decreases waste material. The local artisan that House+Earth works with has three types of concrete to choose from: solid color, premium color, and exposed aggregates. From bottle glass sourced from Central Texas recycling programs to post-industrial recycled stone from regional operations, you can pick the concrete color and aggregate color to achieve the desired look you want. Because concrete is so customizable, integrated sinks are often added in as a sleek and seamless sink design – which is easy to maintain and offers a unique element. Additionally, House+Earth offers different standard sink molds of all shapes and sizes. Pick from one of our options or work with the customize your own!
  • General square foot pricing available – most jobs require custom quote.
  • Approval on artisan’s shop drawings required prior to fabrication.
  • Installation included in quoted cost.