Semi-Custom Cabinetry

There are several types of cabinetry available in today’s market – semi-custom cabinets being one of the most popular among the options. These are ‘pre-made cabinets with fixable options’. These cabinets are manufactured in standard sizes and allow the user to make modifications and add accessories. In addition, they are considered semi-custom because the customer is able to select their preference in box construction, door style, and finish. Semi-custom cabinets are typically a furniture board or plywood construction. Aside from the reassurance customers have with manufacturer warranties, the greatest benefit of semi-custom cabinetry is the affordability factor. Semi-custom allows for modifications and selections to the users preference, without breaking the budget!

House+Earth currently sources two semi-custom cabinetry lines – Executive Cabinetry and Bellmont Cabinet Co. There are a large amount of options available from each manufacturer, with pricing figured by preferred selections and modifications. House+Earth’s cabinet designer is available to assist you in narrowing down which options would best work for your project. Call our showroom today to inquire about viewing samples or talking with our designer.