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Classic Style with a Fresh Twist

We constantly have customers looking for that perfect backsplash. While some folks are looking for something that is completely their own flavor - a bold, personal splash of shimmering red glass tile or 10-color ceramic mosaic - others are looking for something less dramatic. Many times, the 2x8 ceramic is the perfect solution... a more elongated version of a traditional subway tile format. Available in over 150 colors from two domestic manufacturers, there is a solution for everybody.

Fireclay Tile

To Thermofoil or not to Thermofoil….

Thermofoil from Executive Cabinetry is not your grandmother’s thermofoil. Manufacturing processes have advanced over the years leading to greatly increased durability.

Cork Mosaic Tile

Cork Mosaic Tile

$14.09 per sq.ft.

Quality cork is harvested from the cork oak tree found in Mediterranean areas.  The tree forms a thick, rugged bark that is harvested about every 10 years to produce cork products such as wine stoppers, coasters, bulletin boards and…flooring. The harvesting of the cork does not harm the tree, in fact, no trees are cut down during the harvesting process. Only the bark is extracted, and a new layer of cork regenerates, making it a rapidly-renewable resource.

The 60-30-10 Rule

When it comes to choosing a color palette for your space, three is never a crowd!

Here is the rule:

When choosing your palette for a particular space, it is easiest to break down the colors into percentages –

dominate color (60%)

secondary color (30%)

accent color (10%)

Green Countertop Options

Green countertop options are growing more and more popular due to their sustainable characteristics and unique aesthetic properties. Below is a brief discussion on a few of the eco-friendly countertop options on the market today.

Concrete Countertops

BioShield: Healthy Floor and Wood Finishes

The finish of any material is what really makes a product shine. Today there are several finishes that can replace the traditional highly-toxic and smelly solvent-based finishes and still offer the same incredible appearance and performance. 

BioShield Hard Oil #9

Deco-Poz: Cost-effective green flooring and counter tops

We get asked a lot what our most affordable green flooring and counter top options are. The answer from both a budgetary and environmental standpoint is always to consider refinishing your existing floor or top. Old wood floors can be sanded, stained and finished to give a completely new look and concrete floors can be polished or stained.

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